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Stream Industry

Founded in 2010

A. James Boyajian, Founder & Editor

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Matthew Poldberg, Webmaster

Jessica FalenderContributor

Almuhtada Smith, Contributor

Caitlin Keim, Fashion Tech Law Fellow

Daniel Taylor, Contributor

Erin M. Jacobson, Esq., Music Law Fellow

Jason Brooks, New Media Law Fellow

Jessica Flores, Contributor

Jim Allen, Contributor

Lauren Kreiser, Film, TV, & Video Law Fellow

Mark Mazzetti, Contributor

Meg Burton, Communications Law Fellow

Michael Chung, Contributor

Monica Adjemian, Patent Law Fellow

Neel Agrawal, Global Law Fellow

Priscilla Boksan, Contributor

Rand Brenner, Contributor

Rebekah O’Sullivan, International Entertainment Law Fellow

Sade Oshinubi, International Communications Policy Fellow

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